Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here's looking at you, BABY!

August, 2007
Not only do adult humpback whales love to breach, but babies love to get in on the act as well! This little calf is probably about six months old, having been born in Hawaii in January or February of this year. It has been very patient while mom has been busy bubble-net feeding with her friends here in Chatham Strait, but ENOUGH is ENOUGH! When a tail-throw and some pectoral fin slaps do not get mom's attention then what is a baby to do? The answer of course is to BREACH! I was as surprised as this little calf must have been to find that it was breaching right at out little inflatable boat!

Seeing it through my 70-200mm lens I prepared for the soaking I was sure was coming my way when this baby hit the water, but not a drop reached us on the inflatable. Good thing that objects appear larger and closer in the lens than they really are...whew!

I have filmed literally hundreds of humpback whale breaches over the years, but this one really got my heart pounding. There is ALWAYS more to see where these animals are concerned.

This young calf gets extra style points in its breaching efforts for the water it is flinging off its body when it twists in mid-air! A perfect 10!

And then another breach, seems like a star is born!

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