Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dolphins of Loreto Bay National Marine Park

WOW! I have just printed this image today (June 9, 2007) and I have to say it looks INCREDIBLE as a print! The two dolphins are floating, surrounded by the other dolphins! If you have ever considered getting a dolphin print as a gift or for yourself, I can promise you will not be disappointed in this one. To order simply visit my website at and click on the "featured Images" section. Thanks!!

April, 2007

Here in the National Marine Park of Loreto Bay these long-beaked common dolphins surface in waters so clear and calm that it seems as if they are levitating in space rather than swimming in the ocean. What perfect conditions to observe and film such sleek mammals.

A giant needlefish seems suspended in air as the dolphins pass below it.

There is so much magic to be found in this area, yet the pressures of development loom large in the near future. Who can blame anyone for trying to experience the wildlife of the Gulf of California, and particularly the waters of the Loreto Bay National Marine Park? There is absolutely no doubt about it; THESE are the good old days in Baja...enjoy it while you can!

A curious adult bottlenose dolphin turns to look at us as we are all hanging over the bow to get a closer look at it. Just who is the more interesting mammal, anyway (my money is on the dolphin.)

A bow riding pair of bottlenose compete for the "sweet spot" right on the tip of the pressure ridge caused by the ship. Surf's up dude!

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