Friday, January 04, 2008

Brown bear twins

August, 2007
So here is the answer to our little dilemma of why the young bear in the stream took off so fast, these two bears are much bigger and wanted the same spot in the stream! Our little bear smelled them long before we could even see them, and took off running.

It is very rare for brown bears to even tolerate each other, let alone fish together. I have been watching these same two bears for three years now at this stream, and I believe they are siblings only weaned from their mother this year. The first year away from mom is the hardest on brown bears, as they learn how to fend for themselves without her help.

But these bears seem to be doing just fine, as they are plenty fat and seem to have no problem gathering up salmon from the stream. Now our little bear earlier may have quite a hard winter ahead if it doesn't learn how to fish when the big boys are around!

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