Friday, January 04, 2008

Transient Orca pod T88

August, 2007
The transient Orca pod T88 consisting of 6 animals in total. The pod was sighted off Cape Strait and followed to Beacon Point along the east coast of Kupreanof Island just outside of Petersburg, Southeast Alaska.
Not one, but two newborn calves in this group! One of these calves is only a few weeks old (still very creamy yellow in eye patch and belly coloration - not yet turned to white.)

Traveling with mom in the "echelon" position - the calf is pulled along in mom's slipstream, making it easier for the calf to keep up!

The adult bull is T87 - estimated to have been born in 1963. The notch in this bull's dorsal fin is a dead giveaway to his identity!

Both mom's with their calves tucked in right beside them. What a treat!