Friday, August 01, 2008

Penguin Antics!

December, 2007

Anthropomorphism - the act of assigning human attributes to animal behaviors. With penguins it is almost impossible not to come up with little human captions when you see fun images of penguins. Here are a few of my favorites. E-mail me any suggestions for captions and I may just use them!
"Peek-a-boo" - this chinstrap penguin is actually buried in snow during a gale!

"Maybe if we go by REALLY fast they won't notice us!" - porpoising gentoo penguins with kayakers in the Errera Channel.

"Hey look everybody...I can FLY...PLOP!" - gentoo returning to the sea to feed.

"Penguin piracy - gone in 60 seconds" - while his buddy keeps look out, this gentoo penguin literally leaps into the Zodiac for a quick getaway!
"Hey Mister, watcha doin'?" - expedition leader Bud Lenhausen with a new friend.

"Preaching to the choir" - the cacophony of a chinstrap colony on Barrentos Island.

"Maybe someday I can grow up big and strong too!" - three Adelie penguins with a pair of much larger emperor penguins on an ice floe.

"Lost boy" - this king penguin is over 800 miles from the nearest king penguin colony on South Georgia Island. Perhaps the chinstraps are giving directions home!

"Are you looking at ME?" - Lindblad staff Annie Guill with friendly gentoo photo opp.

"The penguins go marching one by one...hurrah!" - chinstrap colony at Bailey Head.

I will leave this one blank and look forward to your anthropomorphic comments!

Cue music - theme song to "Chariots of Fire" (running in slow motion). These gentoo penguins are actually returning to the sea to feed along "penguin highways" created by constant usage.

"WHEW! He scared the heck out of me...I thought it was a leopard seal!" - Weddell seal slowly cruising by gentoo penguins who leaped onto the ice in a panic when the seal swam close.
Delightful? Absolutely!
Silly? Unquestionably!
Photogenic? Incredibly!
Human? Never!
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