Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The lighter side of Endeavour

December, 2007

After such a harrowing and emotional event such as the sinking of the Explorer, the officers and crew of the National Geographic Endeavour have a little fun by running the ship hard "aground" on fast ice in order to stretch out and play!

Captain Oliver Kruess and First Officer Bernd "warp" the ship onto the ice!

An exciting game of soccer breaks out among the crew, just as it did among the crew of Sir Ernest Shackleton of the Endurance in the winter of 1914/1915. Great save Tove!

First officer Bernd doing his best imitation of Goalie Oliver Kahn!

Lindblad Expeditions guests get in on the fun as well, hamming it up for the camera!
The galley crew come out to give the ship a hand...

National Geographic Endeavour inside the caldera on Deception Island with a leopard seal and Adelie penguin.
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