Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

April, 2010
Sunrise in the Baja! What a glorious time to be up and working. Still water reflects the clouds as video chronicler Josh works his magic at Punta Colorado on Isla San Jose.
Jim gets low to try and capture the perfect angle just as the sun breaks the horizon...
And of course some of the best pics of the day come from the Aim-and-Create cameras...nice shot Deb!
Sunrise on a flat sea from the bow of the National Geographic Sea Bird.
A brown pelican casting its shadow in flight on the sandstone cliffs of Isla San Jose.
The golden hour in the evening is of course another opportunity for amazing images. Here a smooth tail mobula is leaping from the water as the sun sets behind Las Gigantes.
Painting rock and cactus with hand held light can reward late night photographers.
Or just letting the sun paint the horizon orange at civil twilight as the National Geographic Sea Bird is at anchor at Elephant Rock cove on Isla Santa Catalina.