Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trucking on the ice road

March 2010
Trucks supply fuel and logistical support to the diamond mines of Canada's Northwest territories. The ice road of course depends on cold temperatures to maintain safe driving conditions over the myriad lakes and ponds in this area, so the trucks run at night when the temperatures are the coldest (and safest!)
One of the side benefits to running at night is the chance to drive a heavy rig under absolutely dazzling northern lights!
Of course there are many hazards on the ice road like slippery conditions and of course the chance for breaking through the ice.
Tail light trails of heavy trucks on the ice road offset the aurora borealis.
Sunrise finds the last of the trucks trying to make it across the ice to Port Lockheart.
What a place to drive a truck! For a southerner, the thought of driving a big rig across frozen lakes is really awesome!

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