Friday, March 02, 2007

Seeing eye to eye with a humpback whale

February, 2007

It is that rare moment when it all comes together. When an animal is as interested in who you are as you are in them. Not a passby. Not a glimpse or a quick look. Not two ships that pass in the night...but the real deal. A close encounter of the marine mammal kind. Looking into the eye of a humpback whale and seeing curiosity reflected back. I often wonder just what I must represent to them. Is it really me that holds their curiosity, is it the small boat I am drifting in, or is it their own reflection mirrored back to them in the optics of my dome port? One thing is for certain, the shared moments in times like these are the whole reason I love to take images. I hope you enjoy them as well...

I will be back on the National Geographic Endeavour for the month of March running from Ushuaia, Argentina to The Canary Islands. I will try to post to the blog as we travel north across the tropic of capricorn, the equator, and the tropic of cancer. Look for new images here as we go! Me ke aloha!

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