Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maui Madness!

February, 2007
I am back on Maui again! After spending all of January in Antarctica I get to return to my former home here in the islands to once again be with and film perhaps the most photogenic whale on the planet...the humpback whale! And just what makes humpbacks so special? Well my friend, just let me try to show you with a few images. Did you know that they can leap almost all the way out of the water? Yep...babies, mothers, bulls, old and young alike all seem to find great joy in breaching. They do it in sunshine, they do it in the rain, at night, when it is windy, when the water is glass-flat, it seems that they really don't need much excuse to hurl their bodies skyward. Here are just a few examples taken over the last two weeks or so...

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