Friday, January 04, 2008

Road Trippin' in the USA!

October, 2007
Road Trip! With a little over three weeks to play with, and no particular plan at all in mind, CT and I head off in search of beauty in the American West. Our goal is just to go and see and take a few pics along the way... a far cry from my usual "focused" photo expeditions at sea!

Something about the open road really appeals to me. No time schedule. No tides or weather worries. Just the call of the road and a want to see the beauty of the country I live in, but so very rarely take the time to appreciate. We would hit all the usual spots; here the beautiful buttes in Monument Valley in northeastern Arizona.

Of course the Grand Canyon had to be visited, and only a sunrise or sunset would do! Here a view from the south rim of the canyon at Mather lookout.

Sunset at Hopi Point, looking east.

Goosenecks State Park in southeastern Utah. A classic example of what a winding river can cause, this is a classic example of an incised meander.

Sunset over the Needles Overlook.

Reflected light on water from the Grand Teton Mountain Range, outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

These images were shot from the Schabawacker Landing on the snake river.

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