Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hayden Wolf Pack and Grizzly Bear!

October 26, 2007 at 07:19:47AM

Earlier this morning CT and I were in Hayden Valley along the Yellowstone River looking for wolves when Bob Landis came racing by in his car motioning for us to follow him. He had gotten a call from road workers that wolves were on a carcass just west of the Tower Junction road. And here they are! Seven members of the Hayden Pack (the alpha male 541M is off feeding on an elk leg by himself) trying to dig up a buried elk carcass. Time is 07:19:47.

Are you watching CLOSELY? The first sign of trouble comes at exactly 07:19:58 as the ravens around the carcass lift into the air. What seems to be the trouble?

The answer comes into the frame at 07:20:00 in the form of a grizzly bear charging the wolf pack on the carcass! I am absolutely fascinated to watch the pack's reaction to the charging bear.

The pack scatters at the onslaught, but notice that the alpha female 540F is one of the last ones to run from the charging bear.

Due to the magic of my Canon motor drive the entire series of images from when the bear entered the frame to the last shot take less than 2 seconds...

Normally I wouldn't post so many "similar" images, but I thought you might enjoy studying the actions of individual members of the pack to this onslaught just as I did so I will let the camera roll...

Ending photo is at 07:20:02. Now what shall the pack do with this bear? Keep reading for the answer!
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