Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hayden Wolf Pack kill mule deer

October 24, 2007
The reason for all the earlier hurry now becomes evident. The pack crossed the river in order to get to prey - in this case a mule deer. I did not get to see the actual kill, I was watching as a ninth wolf came down to the Yellowstone River, but did not cross with the rest of the pack. The image above was taken at 4:01:34PM and the last wolf crossed the highway at 3:36:49PM (from the EXIF files of the camera), it took less than 25 minutes to find and kill this deer!

While the pack fed on the deer, the alpha female 540F had to keep one pup in line on two different occasions. Here she has pinned it to the ground after it made some transgression of wolf dining etiquette!

Here she is again dominating a pup that tried to pull off too much deer carcass.

WOW! This pup is totally pinned and the alpha female is growling and baring her fangs!

She finally lets the pup up with a last snarl.

The remainder of the pack finish off the deer carcass.
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