Monday, November 10, 2008

Alaskan critters

May, 2008
Curious harbor seals hauled out on a submerged log inspect the Zodiac as slip past. My what BIG eyes you have!
An adult bull Orca encountered in Inian Pass traveling towards Dundas Bay.
Fast and slick, a river otter scampers from the water to take cover in the forest.
Looking for early vegetation on Gloomy Nob, this mountain goat doesn't seem too interested in our passing ship.
Steller sea lions hauled out and NOISY on South Marble Island.
An adult (L) and juvenile (R) bald eagle on pilings just outside of Sitka.
Common mergansers "running" across the water to take flight.
A gorgeous male Harlequin duck decked out in his finest breeding plumage.
A pair of Barrow's goldeneyes at the beginning of breeding season.
Canada geese on the wing over snow and ice.