Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The wild and magical side of Baja

Spring, 2008
Screaming northwesterly winds drive huge waves onto a California sea lion colony at Los Islotes, just a taste of how wild things can get in the Baja!

A waxing moon setting over the Pacific Ocean from Bahia Magdalena.

A nearly full moon rising over cardon cactus on Isla Catalina.

Sunset on organ pipe cactus from the Gulf of California.

Hazy sunset on the lower Baja Peninsula around La Fortuna.

Patterns in the sand dunes at sand dollar beach on Isla Magdalena.

The sun peeking past the "trunk" of elephant rock on Isla Catalina.

Gulls on cardon cactus at sunrise at the arroyo on Isla San Esteban.

The beautiful sandstone cliffs at Punta Colorado (Red Point) on Isla San Jose in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).
I have traveled to this part of the world for over 30 years now and I still am in awe at the beauty and dichotomy of this magical place called Baja. With the Sonoran desert nudging the Gulf of California it is the absolute best of both worlds. There are still places to discover, hidden coves to explore, mountains to climb, and islands to land upon. The ecosystems here are tough, used to huge temperature swings daily as well as throughout the year. The very fragility and tenuous nature of life here is what makes the place one of my favorite spots on the planet to return to as the photographic possibilities seem endless. I would love to share the experience with you, please join me On March 28, 2009 for a remarkable journey into the Baja. Details can be found at www.expeditions.com