Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Humpback mother and calf reunion

April, 2010
Now this is a really fun series of images of a mother and newborn calf in the AuAu Channel. The calf is getting curious about our little boat and comes closer to investigate. Mom gives a short burst of bubbles from her blowhole as a signal to the calf.
The calf immediately turns from us and heads towards mom...
Almost as if to confirm obedience, the calf swims right to and then through the bubbles.
And off they go together. Was the calf playing in moms bubble bath for fun, or was the air blast a signal to come to mom's side RIGHT NOW. We can only guess...
Here a mother, calf, and male escort swimming in the clear waters off Maui, Hawaii.
This pair will soon leave the relatively protected waters of Hawaii to head for Alaska and the feeding grounds there. Travel well my friends! Me ke aloha.

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