Saturday, July 02, 2011

Galapagos Anyone?

May and June, 2011The Galapagos Islands...what a pleasure and privilege to be able to visit and photograph this unique place again. The absolute wildness of the place lends itself to image making. Shown here is the small islet known as Leon Dormido (sleeping lion) off the coast of San Cristobal Island.
And of course what better ship to travel on than the National Geographic Endeavour?
I always love to see the marine iguanas, especially this "Christmas" iguana (so called because of the red and green breeding coloration) on Espanola Island basking on the rocks . near heavy surf.
Galapagos sea lions are a delight to snorkel with and of course always want to let you know just who is boss by giving a little bubble blow at the camera!
A barn owl sleeps away the daylight hours high on Santa Cruz Island.
This great frigatebird is trying to steal nesting material in mid-flight from a red-footed booby.The booby managed to hang on and got to keep the material for its own nest here on Genovesa Island.
A good look at those red feet coming right at the camera...
Their agility in the water is due in such a large part to the very flexible neck as this Galapagos sea lion demonstrates.
Try as he might it just doesn't seem that she is all that interested...whistle a little louder!
Here a male great frigatebird is fully inflated to show off his fitness to passing females. Trouble is he is showing off to the wrong species...that's a red-footed booby flying by!
A male great frigatebird takes a break from the rigors of keeping that pouch inflated!
An eagle ray allows me to snorkel beneath it and shoot upward, showing the slot in Leon Dormido above it in the water.
What a strange looking ray these eagle rays are. With a pronounced snout, human-like eyes, and a very long tail they are certainly easy to identify..
A male Galapagos fur seal shows off his particularly large eyes (used at night to find prey in deep water).
A marine iguana showing off its unique swimming style: the tail swoosh!
A young Galapagos sea lion playing hide-and-seek on the dock at Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island.

I will be returning to the Galapagos next May (2012) and would love to share this magic place with you. If you are interested please go to

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