Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Franz Josef Land!!

August, 2011
Franz Josef Land! Today (August 3, 2011) the National Geographic Explorer makes a little history as we are the first foreign-flagged non-scientific vessel to land here since 1928!
Our first stop is Cape Flora on Northbrook Island, the main base for many polar expeditions in the late 19th and early 20th century.

A chance encounter occurred right here at Cape Flora between Fridtjof Nansen and Frederick Jackson in 1896.

Modern day exploration team (L to R) consisting of Michael Nolan, Maria Gavrilo, Doctor Jack Putnam, Sergey Frolov, and Ralph Lee Hopkins.

Lindblad Expeditions conducting Zodiac operations amongst the ice off Champ Island.

The famous remains of the camp where Fridtjof Nansen over-wintered with Hjalmar Johansen in 1895-96 at Cape Norway on Jackson Island after failing to reach the North Pole.

The National Geographic Explorer anchored off Cape Norway on Jackson Island.

Photographing a crazy spherical rock formed in a geological process called cementation on Champ Island.

The National Geographic Explorer lies at anchor at Champ Island.

Zodiac tours at Rubini Rock, Tikhaya Bay on Hooker Island.

Sunset on the bow as we leave Franz Josef Land...nice shot Marco!