Friday, September 30, 2011

Norwegian "Would"

July and August, 2011
If you had a chance to board an expedition vessel and travel to the high Norwegian Arctic would you go? Should you? In July and August I could, and I did, and I'm here to tell you that you should as well! Svalbard in the summer has so much to offer the photographer and adventurer, so much to see and shoot, so much to do, and so many images to take that I am only now (as October approaches) beginning to get serious about editing my summer adventures. Look for more images from the high Russian Arctic, the White Sea, and Alaska as I get serious about editing in the weeks to come!

Here a glaucous gull swoops in and nabs an unprotected eider duck chick for breakfast near Edgeoya Island.

A curios adult male walrus inspects the National Geographic Explorer as she inspects Moffen Island at just over 80 degrees north latitude.

A mother polar bear with her cub on fast ice in late evening light.

And a reindeer trying to scratch a very hard to get to spot on his antlers as the velvet is coming in at Rosenbergdalen. More summer images to come I promise!

- Michael