Friday, January 04, 2008

The Usual Suspects, framed unusually?

October, 2007
So how do you take a famous place that has literally been photographed millions of times, and put a twist on the photo or see it in a new light? Now I am the first to admit that I am NOT a landscape photographer and that I am much more comfortable with some wild critter doing something in front of the lens for me...but here goes; my attempts to see these famous places through a different light, see what you think!

Delicate Arch is an American West Icon, it is the quintessential arch in a National Park devoted to arches here in Southeastern Utah. How to make it a little different...

Sunset on one "leg" of the arch...

Owachomo Bridge under starlight, part of Natural Bridges National Monument in Southeastern Utah.

High noon at Wilson Arch, here a smaller hole to the side of the main arch looking to me like an alien life form eye...

The Big Dipper in the right half of the night sky in front of the Grand Tetons out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming...

The beauty of being able to shoot at high ISO speeds (here ISO 1000) to freeze moving stars and light up a landscape by moonbeams!

First light fog on the front range of the Grand Tetons...Ooooohhh it was bitter cold!

Ever seen a Fog Bow? Here the Grand Tetons peep out from under a fog bow over sage along the Gros Ventre River, Wyoming.

Snow-covered peaks behind fall colors outside Jackson, Wyoming...
What fun it is to experiment in a total new type of photography. Now I am not even tempted away from photographing wild critters, and I think the highlight of this road trip has been the animals (as you shall see in the upcoming posts), but it certainly is fun to change your "focus" every now and then! Pixels are FREE, go try it out for yourselves!

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