Saturday, November 22, 2008

Faces of the Galapagos

May 2008
With so many different types of animals in the Galapagos to choose from, it is often hard to decide just which subject warrants your attention. Now on my fifth voyage here in the islands I am still fascinated by the many "faces" of this enchanted place - like this nestled blue-footed booby.
A messy but content giant tortoise at lunch time!
I recently purchased a Canon G9 point-and-shoot camera and have to say that it is an absolute blast to find macro subjects like this small spider and pose it so that it looks HUGE (and scary!)
The ubiquitous and very curious lava lizard is to be seen everywhere here.
A Sally lightfoot crab make for a dramatic splash of color on the dark volcanic shoreline.
The whimsical "face" of the endemic giant apuntia cactus, found only here in the Galapagos.
National Geographic collection editor Steve St. John at sunrise from the Zodiac.
Pink flamingos posing in late afternoon light.
So come to the Galapagos and satisfy your own curiosity. I will again be leading photo expeditions here in May of 2009. For more details go to