Saturday, November 22, 2008

Furry critters in the Galapagos!

May 2008
With such a plethora of critters running, swimming, and soaring in the Galapagos it is so very nice to find some "lazy" but VERY cute Galapagos sea lions hauled out and sleeping on the sugar sand beach at Gardner Bay on Espanola Island.
In the late spring moms and pups find each other after mom returns from a foraging trip out to sea.
Lindblad photo team member Jennifer Davidson practicing her sea lion yoga!
With seemingly not a care in the world and plenty of time to bask in the sun these sea lions show us the meaning of "siesta"!
Not as mellow as a Galapagos sea lion this Galapagos fur seal is a much more feisty critter!
IN fact when you put two males in close proximity to each other a boisterous mock battle may ensue!
Looking more like Sumo wrestlers these fur seals push and shove, throwing their body weight into the contest as they try to establish just who is top seal on the lava hill!
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