Monday, May 04, 2009

Southeast Alaska critters

September 2008
So just what might a photographer expect to see and film on a one week trip aboard either the National Geographic Sea Bird or National Geographic Sea Lion in Southeast Alaska? Tons of animals (literally!) Everything from the small, like this rough-skinned newt...

... to birds of all different feathers (like these black-legged kittiwakes on ice).

Five types of Pacific salmon, like this sockeye spawning...

... or animals that feed on all of that fish like the lovable face of a Steller sea lion.

You want bears? We got 'em! Up close and VERY personal, like this black bear photographed with my 24-105mm lens right at my feet.

And of course brown bears in abundance feeding on those very same salmon.

Lots of whales and dolphins live in the waters surrounding all these islands, like these killer whales swimming in pod formation...

...or these humpback whales cooperatively bubble-net feeding off Chichagof Island.

In fact you might just be surprised at how many animals you can find here in Southeast Alaska...

... if you only look! So come and see for yourself. I would be happy to share the beauty and wonder of Southeast Alaska with you and your camera(s) in August and September this year. Call 1.800.EXPEDITION for details!

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