Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Maui Spin Zone

June 2008
I have spent literally hundreds of hours over the years with spinner dolphins here on Maui, usually from a small inflatable boat as I parallel the group traveling along the coast.

But it is here, in the water, that I can really come to appreciate the social structure and dynamics of the entire pod.

Swimming out to deeper water from the shore along the west side of Maui will often yield these brief glimpses into spinner dolphin life.

As with so many marine animals the best approach is often to allow the animals themselves to approach you. After all, you are not going to out swim a dolphin! Hanging motionless invites a closer inspection. It really is a case of being there and allowing the choice to be made by the dolphins.

Often times I simply hang out in deep waters and enjoy the blues, but when a pod comes near it really makes my day! Here a mom keeps her calf snuggled close against her body in the "echelon" position.

I can't think of a better way to simply hang out on Maui!

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