Friday, March 27, 2009

Icebergs in Greenland?

August 2008
First Ice! Here is the very first bit of ice that the newly christened National Geographic Explorer encounters as she crosses the Denmark Strait, the body of water that separates Iceland from Greenland.
Beautiful icebergs by Zodiac near Skjoldungesund, Greenland.
Sculpted formations that seem to defy building codes. The blues are simply ethereal.
Warm summer days are constantly melting the bergs right in front of us, slowly changing their form and shape in an infinite variety of ways.
Sometimes more dramatic changes occur in a heartbeat. Watch as this iceberg just outside the tiny town of Tasiilaq fractures and calves with a thunderous clap.
Locals say that this huge berg has been grounded here in the harbor for weeks now, quiet and unassuming as it slowly melts away in the summer heat.
We are just lucky enough to be here when the quiet is shattered by the sound of the berg exploding from within.
Huge chunks of ice are thrown skyward and then fall into the awaiting arms of the sea.
A massive wave forms, one that actually swept into the harbor and violently rocked all the boats docked there. All grew quiet once again, at least until the next time this berg decides to self-destruct!