Sunday, April 23, 2006

Isla Rasa!

April 10, 2006

They arrive by the hundreds, by the thousands, and even by the tens of thousands! Ninety-five plus percent of the world's population of Heermann's Gulls and also of North Americas Elegant Terns descend upon this tiny island in mid April each year. The sight, sound, and smell are all overwhelming as these seabirds take over every possible nesting site!

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Guaymas Morning

April 8, 2006

A lazy turnaround day here in the port of Guaymas, Sonora on the Mexican mainland side of the Gulf of California. An early fisherman paddling his panga to market, as the great blue herons vie for position on his bow! Ports like these are often wonderful areas for seabird photo opportunities like this brown pelican.

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Sperm Whales in deep waters!

April 7, 2006

Sperm Whales! One of my absolute favorite photographic subjects. These deep diving leviathans can be found year-round in the deep waters of the Gulf of California. IT is always a special treat to see them here in calm waters as they rest between foraging dives.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

San Pedro Martir Tropicbirds

April 7, 2006

It is Red-billed Tropicbird courtship time here on Isla San Pedro Martir, the most isolated island in the Gulf of California. These beautiful birds wheel and chase one another across the sky, all the while issuing their raucous calls. Almost impossible to freeze the action with a camera these images are the best of hundreds of attempts!

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Leapin' Lizards!

April 4, 2006 Isla San Esteban

More Spiny-tailed Iguanas! In the late morning heat these magnificent reptiles are out in force, climbing the flowering cardon cactus in search of a meal. They make perfect photographic subjects as they look like miniature dinosaurs scampering around in the desert. Caramba!

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San Esteban Sunrise!

April 4, 2006

Buenos dias! A georgeous morning here on Isla San Esteban in the midriff region of the Gulf of California. Perfect temperatures to look for the endemic Spiny-tailed Iguana, a huge lizard that calls this island home. Michelle Graves finds our first iguana in the arroyo and holds it for a photo opportunity.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Welcome aboard!

April 1, 2006

Happy April fool's day! This young California Sea Lion decided to take over the boat and my friend David Stephens wisely decided to share the space. Besides, how can you possibly argue with such a charming photographic subject? Work it baby...

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Have a Gray Day!

March 28, 2006 San Ignacio Lagoon

This morning we are surrounded by California Gray Whales! They breach near us, swim under us, and mothers even push their newborn calves towards our boat for closer inspection. To reach out and actually touch a whale is an epiphany for many who have traveled great distances for just such an opportunity. When species connect here in this place it can only be considered magic...and it all comes from a simple touch.

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Los Islotes Morning

March 24, 2006

Up for the sunrise here at Los Islotes, a small volcanic islet near the town of La Paz, on the Baja Peninsula. The cacophony of life is almost overwhelming as this is a California sea lion haulout. Placid females doze with their pups, as young males mock-battle for position. It is too soon for the real fighting, which will begin in earnest in May during breeding season. The small outcropping is a safe haven from land predators for many bird species, like this great blue heron.

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Blue Whales feeding on pelagic crabs!

March 21, 2006 La Entrada at Isla Magdalena, Baja

Pelagic Crabs by the ton! These small (you could hold one in the palm of your hand) crustaceans literally stain the sea red here in the Pacifc Ocean. A Blue Whale mother and her calf respond to the dinner bell and spend the day sub-surface feeding on this delicacy. The largest animals on the planet feeding on some of the smallest!

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Sand Dunes on Isla Magdalena

March 19, 2006

Up before dawn today to catch the magic of early light on these magnificent sand dune formations on Isla Magdalena on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. Starting with a self-portrait of my own shadow on a dune, the patterns catch my attention for hours! As the sun rises the light becomes cooler and the scene unfolds in a whole new way! Good Morning!

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