Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hayden Wolf Pack crossing the Yellowstone River

October 24, 2007
Wolves! After three years of hoping to see (and photograph) wolves closer than scope distance CT and I totally luck out with the Hayden Pack. Here is the alpha male 541M and two offspring surveying just where to cross the Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley.

The alpha female 540F brings up the rear as the whole pack comes down off a ridge to cross the river...right in front of me! It is now about 3:30pm local time.

Late afternoon light is absolutely gorgeous as the alpha male 541M first enters the river. Reflected light creates the double image!

Along with one of his pups the alpha male start across the river...

Side by side these two dog paddle across the river...

and together reach the other side. Notice that the alpha male started the swim behind his pup, but got to the other side first?

Time to shake off the water and get going...

Soaking wet they all look so much skinnier than with their coats at full fluff!

The alpha female 540F crosses in the middle of the group.

Gets to the other side easily. In wolf years she is rather old at 8.

Shakes the water from her fur...

Good to the last drop!

The only black wolf in the pack, this pup is really beautiful!

Look at him shine as he clears the river.

The last one across!

Totally intent, just where the heck are these guys going so fast?

Across the highway headed west, eight members of the pack are now safely on the other side of the road. I just can't believe my luck at seeing the whole thing literally right in front of me!
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