Sunday, November 23, 2008

Galapagos underwater Ballet

May 2008
With so many animals to chose from in this "target rich" photographic dream world it would be hard for me to pick one animal that is my favorite photographic subject, but I would have to say it is hard to beat the pure energy and curiosity exhibited by Galapagos sea lions!
Endlessly curious about snorkeling photographers and the absolute epitome of speed and grace underwater I often feel I am at the ballet rather than a remote island archipelago hundreds of miles off the coast of Ecuador.
So come and join the fun, you can be part of the choreography and swim with stars, just as Juan Carlos is doing here!
We must seem so ungainly and sluggish in the world of sea lions, but they delight in our presence anyway (and where else are you going to find that combination?)
Yep, for pure unbridled energy and curiosity it has to be Galapagos sea lions!