Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goodbye to the good ship Polaris

May 2008
The one constant in life is inevitable change, and here in the Galapagos there is no exception to that rule. After a life time of plying the ocean's of the world, and then spending the last ten years here in the Galapagos exclusively, the Lindblad expedition ship Polaris will retire in April of 2009.
What better legacy than the tens of thousands of people from around the world that the good ship Polaris has introduced to the "Enchanted Isles?" Under her tenure literally millions of dollars have been raised in conservation efforts for the protection and preservation of the Galapagos. She will be sorely missed from these waters.
But of course the closing of one chapter is always the opening of a new one. Lindblad Expeditions will reposition the National Geographic Endeavour to the Galapagos to replace the Polaris in May of 2009. I will have the pleasure and privilege to sail on the very first two voyages in the Galapagos on board the NG Endeavour, both expeditions will be photo expeditions and I would love to join you there. Please check out the details at See you in 2009!

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